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Mardi 12 février 2019, 10:00 - 11:00

ATELIER aussi offert en FRANÇAIS à 14 h

Par : Véronique Dupont, Employment Counsellor – CSEPR

The labour market has always evolved, but this evolution has remarkably accelerated during the last decades. We can now see major differences at many levels due to the diversified generations that make it up. How can you manage to stand out with all these changes, and especially, how can you find a job when you’re part of the older generation. Often, our work experience, added to our life experience, make potential employers uncomfortable. Come and learn through this workshop how to use your experiences and your transferable skills to your advantage in order to get the job that you want.

This workshop will cover areas such as:

• What are the potential obstacles to your job search after you reached the 50-year mark, and especially, how can they be overcome.
• How to showcase your work and life experiences to a potential employer.
• The importance of networking, and how to develop a good network to help us in our search process.
• What is a “transferable skill” and how can it be used to sell yourself to an employer.
• Learn what tools and resources are available to you to update your knowledge towards technology.

All these points and many others will be addressed by the workshop facilitator and dynamic exchange on the subject will be encouraged among the group.

Note : This workshop is intended for people 50 years or older who are looking for a job.

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On-line or call 1.800.668.5950 or 613.446.4189 or in person at the Centre.

Lieu : CSEPR Rockland - 2229 Laurier Street, Suite 100 Rockland (ON) K4K 0B7
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