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Helping job seekers and employers from the vast region of Prescott-Russell (Ontario), the Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) is a not for profit organization founded in 1983. The Centre has 3 offices to better serve its customers and is part of the Employment Ontario network. The Center's uniqueness comes through offering its support to people looking for work, as well as helping employers with their hiring process, which facilitates the matching between both.

Through its mandate, the Centre aims at offering a personalized, professional, fast and effective service to all its customers.

Annually, the Centre posts over 2 500 job offers and greets nearly 14 000 customers. Its clients have access to a complete line of free tools and resources, including several subsidized programs. Through its vocation, the Centre contributes to the region's economic development in an important way.


To be the leader in employment for Eastern Ontario by offering programs and services that meet all the needs of our job market and our community.


Our vision aims to continually improve our services to remain a one stop employment resource for our community. Whether through the knowledge of our customer needs, the expertise and skills of our personnel, or through our dedication to taking necessary actions, we strive to make a difference in our area.


Use our attitudes, skills and behaviors towards the success and respect of others

Combine our differences towards finding solutions

Have the courage to follow our convictions

Honestly and impartially commit oneself

Accessible Client Service Plan

The Employment Services Centre is committed to excellence in serving its clients, including those with disabilities, and thus offers them an Accessible Client Service Plan.

Read the Accessible Client Service Plan.

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