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Helping job seekers and employers from the vast region of Prescott-Russell (Ontario), the Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) is a not for profit corporation founded in 1983. The Centre has 3 offices to better serve its customers, including its head office located in Hawkesbury, and offices in Rockland and Embrun. Funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, the Centre delivers the Employment Ontario Program as well as a variety of other municipal and provincial programs such as Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program. Furthermore, the Centre has its own placement agency which caters to all types of employers.

Through its mandate, the Centre aims at accompanying and supporting all types of clienteles in search of work or willing to reintegrate the workforce, as well as helping regional employers with their staffing needs. The CSEPR offers a personalized, professional, fast and effective service to all customers and also greatly facilitates the matching between job seekers and employers.

Annually, the Centre posts nearly 3 000 job offers and greets almost 13 000 customers. Its clients have access to a complete line of free tools and resources, including several subsidized and employee training programs. Through its vocation, the Centre contributes to the region’s economic development in an important way.

As of April 2019, the Centre has adopted a new vision, mission and principles and visions that inspire its actions. Here they are.

Our VISION : vibrant and prosperous communities !

Community life and labor market for Eastern Ontario citizens are enriched and revitalized by a socio-economic growth that is the result of collaborative efforts and inclusive and innovative projects by all members of the community.


CSEPR is an integrated service center that acts as an engine and co-creator of socio-economic development and actively contributes to the vitality of its community.

Through its leadership and innovative approach to employment support, the Center promotes the full participation of individuals and organizations in the socio-economic development of their communities.

CSEPR offers its diverse clientele a personalized path towards employability, employment, professional autonomy and economic growth.

The PRINCIPLES and VALUES that inspire our actions

  • Solicitude
  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Boldness
  • Authenticity
  • Pleasant work environment

Accessible Client Service Plan

The Employment Services Centre is committed to excellence in serving its clients, including those with disabilities, and thus offers them an Accessible Client Service Plan.

Read the Accessible Client Service Plan.

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