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Thursday 13 June 2019, 09:30 - 11:30

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Water treatment plays a vital role for any municipality, and its employees are an important part of the success of this municipal service. The job of Water Service Operator requires a high school diploma in addition to certain certifications and skills from the Ministry of Environment of Ontario and the average salary starts at $ 21 / hr. Come discover more about this trade by participating in this exploratory event which includes a guided tour to allow you to better understand the operation of the plant, but also the skills and training required for such a job.

A few facts about the plant for the Town of Hawkesbury

  • The drinking water system has a treatment capacity of 27,275 m3 per day, a water tower with a capacity of 5,450 m3 including a booster station and more than 35 km of water distribution pipe. In addition, the water is treated and supplied to 3 sectors of the Municipality of the Township of Champlain.
  • The wastewater treatment system consists of more than 45 km of sanitary sewers, 6 km of combined sewers, a pumping station and a water treatment plant.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover this trade,

and the operation of a water treatment plant.

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On-line or call 1.800.668.5950 or 613.446.4189 or in person at the Centre.

Location : Water Treatment Plant, 815 Main Street East, Hawkesbury (ON) K6A 1B5
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