Overview of Services

Assisting employers and entrepreneurs in the Prescott and Russell region is our goal. Our services are free of charge and we can help in various ways:

Support with staff recruitment

We work with you to optimize your chances of success in hiring the right candidate for your position. Let our labour market experts assist you in your recruitment efforts.

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Subsidies and Job Creation Incentives

Subsidies and job creation incentives are available to Prescott and Russell businesses and are adapted to meet the realities of today’s labour market

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International Recruitment

This international recruitment service aims to identify qualified people willing to work and live in Prescott and Russell.

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Hiring Immigrants and Newcomers

Hiring immigrants and newcomers to Canada is a solution for dealing with labour shortages and the lack of skilled workforce in our region. The Employment Services Centre is developing initiatives to bring this pool of potential workers and their families in Prescott and Russell.

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Job Succession Scholarship

The CSEPR launched this scholarship program to counter youth exodus from Prescott and Russell to large urban areas and to ensure workforce succession planning for high-demand trades and professions in our region.

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Complementary services

The CSEPR offers you complementary services in order to support you in optimizing your business processes.

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Consult the following sections to learn more about our programs and services. Contact us today so we can start working with you on the creation of an action plan to meet your specific business needs.