Subsidies and Incentives

Hiring staff is expensive and risky, as is investing in business development. Incidentally, several subsidized programs exist to help businesses with the hiring process and business development. Subsidies and incentives are available to Prescott and Russell businesses and are adapted to meet the realities of today’s labour market.

Here is a list of our current subsidies and incentive programs.

Subsidies and Job Creation Incentives

These subsidies are available to employers to help them reduce the costs of hiring new staff and are an initiative of the Government of Ontario. Subsidies cover a portion of the employees’ wages while training in their new job, according to specific parameters and for a determined period.

Youth Job Connection Program

This program targets youth aged from 15 to 29 and is an initiative of the Government of Ontario. As an employer, you may receive a subsidy to welcome young workers in your business to help them gain work experience that will increase their skills. This is a great opportunity to recruit young and available workers that you can train for the specific needs of your business. For the young workers, it is a great opportunity to develop useful skills that will last throughout their careers.

Job Youth Connection: Summer Program

This program is for high school students aged 15 to 18 looking for a full-time summer job or part-time employment after school hours. It is an initiative from the Government of Ontario to facilitate the transition of students from school to the job market. As an employer, you have the opportunity to contribute to the professional development of students while receiving a subsidy to reduce the financial impact of their training.


Canada-Ontario Job Grant Program

This grant program aims at financially helping businesses with staff training, either to update or learn new skills, thus allowing the organization to remain competitive in its market.

To start, the employer needs to identify the training program to be delivered to staff, and then, fill out a registration form to the grant program. Once the application is complete and approved by the ministry, the employer receives an amount covering a portion of the direct costs associated with the training. The employer covers the balance.

In the instance an employer hires an unemployed individual to a position that requires training to do the job, costs of training could be totally paid through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant Program.

Fill out and submit an application via the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development website by clicking here.


Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from these programs.