Employment Counselling

Our employment counsellors provide you with the required support to ensure a successful job search. Whether unemployed, underemployed, in search of a new job or in need of assistance for a career transition, our team of professionals can help you. Using their expertise, they will assist you in the creation of a personalized action plan and help you achieve your professional objectives.

Working with you, our counsellors can:

    • Explore careers in which you are interested, or for which you have the skills
    • Help you identify your strengths, talents, skills and interests using psychometrics tests
    • Identify your transferable skills and point you to new skills development opportunities

Help with your job search:

    • Writing or updating of your résumé and cover letter
    • Coaching to optimize the chances of a successful outcome
    • Familiarization with the local job market
    • Introduction to ways and means of responding to a job offer
    • Preparation for a job interview
    • Help to match you with a specific employer
    • Refer you to current government programs and assist you in filing out an application if need be.

Let us help you on your journey to a new job