Job Succession Scholarship


The Employment Services Centre launched this scholarship program to counter youth exodus from Prescott and Russell to large urban areas and to ensure workforce succession planning for high-demand trades and professions in our region.

The Employment Services Centre launched this scholarship program to counter youth exodus from Prescott and Russell to large urban areas and to ensure workforce succession planning for high-demand trades and professions in our region.

The Centre will invest $250,000 from 2018 to 2022 in this scholarship program. The project will award 10 annual scholarships of $5,000 each to students attending Prescott and Russell high schools. The grant is payable in at least two instalments.

The scholarship is intended for high school graduates pursuing post-secondary studies. It provides them with financial incentives to return to the region for summer employment and at the end of their studies to practise their trade or profession. The program is in partnership with school boards operating in Prescott and Russell (Conseil des écoles publiques de l’est de l’Ontario, Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien, Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario and Upper Canada District School Board).

Students may apply for a Job Succession Scholarship at their participating Prescott and Russell school during the predetermined time period and by following the established procedure.

Through this initiative, we are ensuring a qualified workforce for our local businesses while contributing to a sustainable economic development for our region.

2020 Edition

The application period for the Job Succession Scholarship, 2020 edition ended on March 23, 2020. Again this year, the 12 Prescott and Russell high schools and the Education and Training Centers of Eastern Ontario are participating in the project. Local businesses are again invited to contribute financially to the scholarship project.

The winners of the scholarships will be know in the months to come. The 2020 Edition will see 12 scholarships awarded by the Employment Services Centre and its 2 partners : Hawkesbury and District General Hospital and Desjardins Ontario.

2019 Edition

We brought many changes to the Job Succession Scholarship Program in 2019, including the participation of 12 high schools and Centres d’éducation et de formation de l’Est ontarien, all located within the Prescott and Russell territory. For the first time, local businesses were also invited to contribute financially to the program.

Consequently, we awarded 16 scholarships to high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education. Among them, four scholarships came from local employers. These workforce succession builders are Elpa (Ontario) Incorporated, Physiothérapie Plantagenet, Groupe Convex and Contak, Staffing Solutions. The Centre provided the 12 other scholarships, including 2 from 2018.

We wish to thank all succession builders and partners who believe in the potential of this younger generation.

Previous Editions


The 2018 edition of the Job Succession Scholarship was aimed at high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education in a high-demand trade or profession in Prescott and Russell. The 2018 model required youth to apply for jobs offered by participating employers, and only schools located within the Employment Services Centre territory were included in the project. School boards operating in Prescott and Russell were project partners through the participation of seven schools.

This initiative ensures students that a job in their chosen trade or profession will await them in Prescott and Russell after their schooling. For employers, they can be confident that a young and qualified worker will occupy the confirmed position in their organization.

In 2018, eight scholarships were awarded to high school graduates who also received the confirmation of a job after their studies. Overall, six employers had posted jobs in schools to recruit a young workforce.

Positions offered within the project

  • Client Services Officer, City of Clarence-Rockland, Rockland (ON)
  • Client Services Officer, City of Clarence-Rockland, Rockland (ON)
  • Construction Estimator, Potvin Construction, Rockland (ON)
  • Finance Clerk, Valoris, Plantagenet (ON)
  • Integration Counsellor in Adult Development, Valoris, Plantagenet (ON)
  • Social Worker, Valoris, Plantagenet (ON)
  • Chartered Professional Accountant, Deloitte, Hawkesbury (ON)
  • Registered Nurse, Hawkesbury and District General Hospital, Hawkesbury (ON)
  • Reporter, La Compagnie d’édition André Paquette Inc., Hawkesbury (ON)

2019 Sponsors

The Employment Services Centre is proud to present the sponsors of the 2019 Job Succession Scholarship.The Employment Services Centre is proud to present the sponsors of the 2019 Job Succession Scholarship.

A collaboration that will ensure the return of our young qualified and specialized workforce to Prescott and Russell.

Collective efforts that contribute to the sustainable economic development of our region.

Thanks for your contribution to employment succession in our region!

Elpa (Ontario) Incorporated, L’Orignal (ON)

ELPA (Ontario) Inc. is a precision manufacturing company committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Elpa’s highly trained and certified staff is dedicated to the continuous improvement philosophy, and is constantly working to improve their quality management system. Keeping abreast of the latest technology and methods is ELPA's #1 tool for continuous improvement.

ELPA works closely with customers and suppliers to ensure all job requirements, budget and timely delivery are met.

Groupe Convex, Hawkesbury (ON)

Groupe Convex is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2004. Group Convex incubates and manages social enterprises, that is, real businesses that have a social mission. They employ staff with different skills whom occupy a variety of positions. Groupe Convex can boast to its credit a network of prestigious clients who do business with their companies not only for the noble cause that they defend, but primarily because they offer quality products and services.

Physiothérapie Plantagenet, Plantagenet (ON)

Physio Plantagenet is a rehabilitation clinic located in the heart of the municipality of Alfred-Plantagenet. The clinic offers physiotherapy and massages, and also supplies orthotics, compressive stockings, walking aids and more.

The health professionals at Physio Plantagenet help their clients live an active life without pain through specialized treatment, education and prevention services.

All of their services are available in English and French. They accept private clients, victims of road accidents and workplace injuries (WSIB) and Ontario’s Health Card.

Contak, Staffing Solutions, Hawkesbury (ON)

Increasingly, organizations need highly skilled and talented personnel, not only because they constitute significant competitive advantages, but also because they are the cornerstone of their success and continuity. Contak, Staffing Solutions is well aware of this fact, and that's why their professional recruiters work with their clients to meet their short, mid and long-term business objectives.

Contak, Staffing Solutions has been serving businesses and candidates in the greater Prescott and Russell and surrounding areas for more than 13 years. Whether from east of Ottawa, Stormont-Dundas and Glengarry, or Vaudreuil-Soulanges and Grenville, let them assist you with finding qualified candidates, or in finding your next job.