Job Succession Scholarship


Scholarship Objective

The Job Succession Scholarship aims at countering the exodus of young people from Prescott-Russell while encouraging the development of professional skills and trades to ensure the future of the region. It is intended for young high school graduates who want to pursue post-secondary studies in a trade or profession in demand, to return during and after their study project to work in Prescott-Russell.

Application to the Job Succession Scholarship is done through the Prescott-Russell high schools or the Centre’s website. The application period runs from November to March of each year. The selection of the winners is done through a rigorous selection process, according to pre-established parameters. An agreement is signed between the recipient and the Centre and the scholarship is paid in a minimum of two instalments.

Local businesses, employers and organizations are invited to hire this young workforce, and also to take part in the project by becoming succession builders themselves.

2018 - 2022 Job Succession Scholarship


Job Succession Scholarship, 2022 Edition

The Job succession scholarship, 2022 edition, once again included the 13 secondary schools in the territory of Prescott and Russell and the Education and Training Centers of Eastern Ontario. This year, 11 young high school graduates heading for post-secondary studies won the scholarship. We congratulate these young people who embody the next generation of tomorrow and wish them the best of success in their journey. We are proud to present this presentation video of our winners that we invite you to watch and share.

 We wish to thank all succession builders and partners who believe in the potential of this younger generation.

Targeted Profession, trade

  • Literature and Education
  • Kinesiology
  • Finance
  • Commun Law
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
  • Social work
  • Civil construction
  • Civil Engineering and Molecular medicine
  • Interior design
  • Cellular and Molecular medicine

2022 Sponsor

  • Town of Hawkesbury 

Previous Editions


 The Job Succession Scholarship, 2021 edition, again included the 12 high schools in the Prescott and Russell territory and the Education and Training Centers of Eastern Ontario.

Thus, 11 scholarships were awarded this year to as many young high school graduates heading for post-secondary studies. The year 2021 will certainly have been a special year due to the pandemic. In order to make our young people shine, the Center has therefore decided to produce a video that presents them all to you, and that we invite you to watch and share.