Overview of Services

Supporting job seekers and workers in their search for employment, that’s our commitment! We offer various programs and services, adapted to our clients’ individual needs and circumstances, which will lead to successful outcomes. Our activities include:

Employment counselling

Our employment counsellors provide you with the required support to ensure a successful job search.

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Better Jobs Ontario

The Better Jobs Ontario Program gives you the opportunity to receive professional training while receiving financial support.

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Specialized Trainings

Consult the list of specialized training courses available or that have been offered through the Centre.

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Career Exploration Virtual Laboratory

Experiment the tricks of a trade by immersing yourself in a lifelike universe using 3D technology.

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Youth Programs

The youth programs aim to support young individuals in their integration to the job market and to equip them for a successful career in Prescott and Russell or elsewhere.

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Job Succession Scholarship

The CSEPR launched this scholarship program to counter youth exodus from Prescott and Russell to large urban areas and to ensure workforce succession planning for high-demand trades and professions in our region.

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Complementary services

The Centre adds complementary services to its standard programs and services in order to better support you with your different needs.

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Resource Centres

Our Resource Centres are available to job seekers in need of a quiet setting to work efficiently on their job search.

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