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Job Succession Scholarship

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In 2018, the Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) established the Job Succession Scholarship in order to not only counteract youth exodus from Prescott-Russell to major centres, but also ensure a succession for high demand positions in trades and professions in our region. The scholarship itself is aimed at high school students who are graduating and wish to pursue postsecondary studies in a trade or profession which is needed in our area. Recipients of a Job Succession Scholarship will be financially encouraged to come back to work in Prescott-Russell during their summer breaks, along with coming back in the region once their training is completed. Through this scholarship, we will ensure our local businesses have a qualified succession, while contributing to sustainable economic development for our region.

Job Succession Scholarship

Representing a total investment of $ 250 000, this annual scholarship will extend from 2018 to 2022 inclusively. A minimum of 10 scholarships will be offered each year for the targeted period through participating schools in Prescott-Russell. Specific periods to apply to this scholarship have been determined, and procedures to follow implemented. The scholarship is aimed at all Prescott-Russell high schools and employers.

The total amount of the scholarship awarded by the CSEPR to each selected student is $ 5 000, payable in a minimum of two payments. A first payment of $ 500 will be made to the student upon signing the scholarship attribution agreement, subsequent amounts of $ 500 can be paid to the recipient of a scholarship for each summer job worked in Prescott-Russell, this for up to 5 consecutive installments. The remaining balance of the scholarship will be paid after graduation and 3 months of employment for a Prescott-Russell employer.  The attribution of the scholarships will be made annually among all student applications received by the selection committee and further to an individual presentation by each student. In order to receive the remaining amount of the scholarship, recipients will need to successfully complete their postsecondary study program within 7 years after completing their high school studies.

Each scholarship will be paid in full by the Employment Services Centre according to a pre-established payment schedule. Students will need to apply for the scholarship within indicated deadlines, and according to established criteria.

Prescott-Russell employers are highly encouraged to support students who apply to jobs in regards to this project, and even beyond. In this regards, the Employment Services Centre commits to taking the necessary measures to encourage employers to open up to recipients’ solicitation for summer jobs within their company.

Each recipient of the Job Succession Scholarship will need to sign an agreement with the Employment Services Centre. The signing of the agreement will confirm to students that they are a recipient of a scholarship, while offering the possibility for the Centre to attribute the scholarship according to established parameters.

Succession builders, our 2019 sponsors


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