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Approach advocated by the Province

Following the legalization of cannabis by the Federal Government last October 17, the Ontario Ministry of Labour published a document aiming to provide the approach adopted by the province in regards to this legalization in an effort to ensure the safety of workers in their workplace throughout the Province.

The new Ontario rules deal with several aspects of the workplace. They are summerized as follows :

  1. Where smoking and vaping of medical and recreational cannabis is prohibited and permitted. In short, it is forbidden to smoke or vape in any enclosed public place or enclosed workplace. Some exceptions are provided for indoor rooms in certain specified residential facilities that also serve as enclosed workplaces.
  2. Zero tolerance for commercial drivers. This includes any vehicule requiring that the driver holds a Class A, B, C, D, E  of F license; A road-building machine such as bulldozers, graders, low-speed street sweepers, and other vehicules in this category; A vehicle that requires Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) (for example, trucks with registered or actual weight greater than 4,500 kg or buses with a designed seating capacity of more than 10 passengers).
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). This Act indicates that individuals who work while they are unable or unfit to do so may introduce a hazard to the workplace, to themselves and others, and workplace parties are required to address such hazards under the OHSA. It is stipulated in the Act that all parties involved are concerned, which includes constructor, employer, supervisor and the worker himself. The Act describes the general duties of all parties, including employers, supervisors and the workers themselves.

These points are excerpts from the document published by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, and are meant to be a brief summary of the new rules. The full document can be read by visiting the Ministry's website by clicking here.

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