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Changes made

The Ontario Government passed last November 22, 2018 the modifications it had proposed to the following Acts : Employment  Standards Act, 2000 ; Labour Relations Act, 1995 and Ontario Colleges of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009. 

Amendments include :

  • The minimum wage will remain at $14 / hour until 2020. Afterwards, the minimum wage will be revised once a year on October 1st to reflect annual inflation.
  • Personal emergency leave is repealed.  An employee is entitled to a maximum of three non-paid sick leave days per year further to having worked at least two consecutive weeks for the employer. Family responsability leave is available to workers who held a job for the employer for two consecutive weeks. In this case, the worker is entitled to a non-paid leave for a maximum of three days per year. Bereavement leave is available to employees who have been working without interruption for at least two weeks for the employer. The worker is then entitled to two non-paid days per year.
  • Any employee is entitled to three hours pay for any shift that is less than three hours, except in certain circumstances.
  • Journeyperson to apprentice ratio for all trades is set to one apprentice for each journeyperson.

Several other modifications were made to these three Acts. The text above is a brief excerpt. To read all the modifications, please visit the website of the Ontario Government by clicking here.

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