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Fred Welding

Congratulations FRED WELDING for your nomination

Each year, the Province of Ontario hands out Ministry Prizes for training and apprenticeship to recognize the work of those employers who show leadership in the training and apprenticeship system and who encourage careers in specialized trades.

Further to a recommendation made by the Employment Services Centre to the ministry to recognize the efforts of Fred Welding in regards to training and apprenticeship, they were selected to be amongst the 4 finalists for the Easatern region to this prestigious Ministry Prize.

As a reminder, this activity allows to recognize 16 employers from all regions of Ontario (North, East, West and Central) for their excellent in regards to training and apprenticeship. Among the 16 selected employers, 4 are chosen to represent their region and be recognized during a Prize ceremony. 2013 is the tenth year for these prizes.

CSEPR wishes Fred Welding best of luck !

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