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Spread the word : The CSEPR Job Fair is back!

On December 3rd, the Employment Services Centre held a press conference announcing the return of the CSEPR Job Fair in our counties. The scheduled dates for the event are  March 14th in Rockland (River Rock Inn) and March 21st in Hawkesbury (École secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury). Approximately twenty local business personalities were present to listen and contribute to the activity.

Further to thanking our parteners and collaborator to the Fair, we also presented the 2015 Job Fair concept, including its slogan : Spread the word. "It's no secret, there are jobs at the CSEPR Job Fair. Last year, we had over 600 positions available for job seekers. That's why we believe it's important to Spread the word, and most importantly, to take part in it," said Carole Muise, Communications Agent for the CSEPR.

We also heard testimonies from companies who were there and who are already registered for our next edition of the Fair, as well as our Job Developper's address, Murielle Huneault Pilon. "An event becomes a success when it's punctual. This means when the event comes back each year. The Centre managed to meet the challenge of making the Job Fair a punctual event. Now, I feel like giving you 3 challenges," said Murielle Huneault Pilon. "The first is aimed at students, job seekers and workers. Your challenge : Be happy with what you do. Dare ! Dare to change ! The second is aimed towards employers. Your challenge : Make your company shine. Become the company of choice for our students, our workers and our job seekers... YOUR workers !! And the third is aimed at the press and your challenge is to spread the good news, talk about the Fair and invite people to come and discover our companies and meet with employers!" concluded Mrs. Huneault Pilon.

This year, the Job Fair is diversifying with the addition of a new segment : a free seminar on starting or buying a business. This seminar will be given by Mr. Yannick Charette, Director at BDO Canada. Participants will discover the different steps into starting or buying a business, along with the implications it represents. Registration to the event will be made through the Job Fair website. A must for anyone who has an interest to become his own boss.

As in the past years, the Job Fair website will be THE PLACE to visit regularly as it will be updated regularly with important information, including positions available at the Fair. The website will be activated at the end of January 2015 and the address is : csepr.cs/foire-emploi.

Employers are invited to register quickly to take part in the event. To do so, please contact our Job Developpers or click on the ad on the landing page of our website.

Pictures of the press conference :

Partenaires et comité
Partners, Dignitaries, Collaborator and the 2015 Job Fair Committee.

From left to right : Mrs. Josée Potvin, CSEPR, Mrs. Carole Muise, CSEPR, Mrs. Martine Thomas, CSEPR, Mr. Sylvain Charlebois, United Counties of Prescott-Russell, Mrs. Marie Latrémouille, CSEPR, Mrs. Jeanne Charlebois, Mayor of Hawkesbury, Mr. Robert Kirby, Mayor of Hawkesbury-East, Mr. Guy Desjardins, Mayor of the City of Clarence-Rockland, Mrs. Martha Woods, EOTB, Mrs. France Gareau, CSEPR, Mrs. Anne Gauthier-Jones, CSEPR, Mr. André Roy, CSEPR and Mrs. Murielle Huneault-Pilon, CSEPR.


Parteners, Dignitaries and Collaborator present at the Press Conference.

From left to right : Mr. Sylvain Charlebois, United Counties of Prescott-Russell, Mr. Yannick Charette, BDO Canada, Mrs. Jeanne Charlebois, Mayor of Hawkesbury, Mr. Robert Kirby, Mayor of Hawkesbury-East, Mr. Guy Desjardins, Mayor of the City of Clarence-Rockland and Mrs. Martha Woods, EOTB.

Carole Muise

"Spread the word... there are jobs at the CSEPR Job Fair. And most important, you need to participate," said Carole Muise, Communications Agents for the CSEPR.

Murielle Huneault-Pilon

"I feel like giving you 3 challenges : Students, workers and job seekers : Be happy with what you do. Dare ! Dare to change ! Employers : Make your company shine. And the press, advertise the Fair, talk about it to people, invite them to discover our companies and come and meet with our employers", said Murielle Huneault Pilon, Job Developper for the CSEPR.

Yannick Charette

This year, the Fair diversifies. A Free Seminar will be given by Yannick Charette from BDO Canada on starting or buying a business. Will be covered the different aspects on buying a company versus that of starting one from scratch. A seminar that can't be missed !

Maire de Hawkesbury-Est

Mr. Kirby, Mayor of Hawkesbury-East, shared the importance of the Fair to our community. The municipality of Hawkesbury-East has been a partner of the Fair for several years now.

Mairesse de Hawkesbury

Mrs. Charlebois, Mayor of Hawkesbury, congratulates the Executive Director of the Centre, Mr. André Roy, on his excellent team and the great work accomplished by the Centre.

Maire de Clarence-Rockland

Mr. Desjardins, Mayor of the City of Clarence-Rockland, shared his enthousiasm towards the CSEPR Job Fair.


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