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Training sessions for employers

Starting next September 2012, CSEPR's Human Resource Consulting Services (HRCS) will be holding free trainings specifically aimed at employers of the Prescott-Russell region. 

Amongst subjects covered will be themes such as:

  • How to hold effective meetings with employees.

  • What  is a good hiring interview.

  • How to recruit good employees.

  • Employee files : why have them, what they legally need to contain and how to use them.

  • How to go about evaluating the competitiveness of your salaries.

  • What approach to use to meet with employees who need to be disciplined or for evaluation purposes.

  • What is meant by "company culture".

  • And many more subjects !

Details will be posted as they are known, but don't hesitate to contact Carolyne Gagnon, Human Resource Counsellor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to get more details on these sessions.

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