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Thursday 31 January 2019, 09:00 - 11:00

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Come listen to a short 30-minutes presentation given by a representative of each judiciary, and after the questions period, get the opportunity to discuss with each representative in a semi-private area.

Ontario Provincial Police

Presentation :                      Overview of their recruitment process and areas of assessment that are reviewed during the procedure. Indications to candidates on how to be more competitive during the process.

Available positions :           Provincial Constables (throughout Ontario)     

Number of positions:          100 recruits per class


Correctionnal Services of Ontario

Presentation :                   Overview of each type of occupation, including job requirements and hiring processes.

Available positions :         Correctional Officers (throughout Ontario)

Number of positions :       To be determined


Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Presentation :                     Overview of job requirements to join the RCMP, necessary qualifications and hiring process including training.

Available positions:           Police Officers (throughout Canada)        

Number of positions:         4000 recruits for the next 3 years


Space is limited and Registration is mandatory

On-line or call 1.800.668.5950 or  613.446.4189 or in person at the Centre.

Location CSEPR Rockland - 2229 Laurier Street, Suite 100 Rockland (ON) K4K 0B7
Bring your résumé and any documentation you feel might be helpful to your candidacy.
Please to create an account (open a session) and then come back here to register to the event.

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