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CSEPR says hundres of jobs will be available at job fair

The Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) has announced about 850 jobs will be avilable during this year's event. Employers present at each location will have diversified positions to offer job seekers who come and meet with them : permanent, temporary, part-time and even summer jobs.

"This year, our job fair is back both in Hawkesbury and in Rockland, and we are certainly very proud to offer such a large number of positions to the population of Prescott-Russell and area," said André Roy, Executive Manager for the Employment Services Centre. "And, thanks to the strategic work done beforehand by our job developers, a wide variety of employers who have real and diversified positions to fill will be present in each location. This being said, any serious job seeker should take advantage of this fact and visit both fairs," added Mr. Roy. "The Job Fair is a unique opportunity to meet recruiters from different companies who are present and allow candidates to impress them. This is true when one has an intereset for a specific position that's available, but it's also an opportunity to stand out for future positions they will have to fill. In fact, during the last years, several employers told us that they come back to résumés collected at the fair when they need to hire during the year," concluded Mr. Roy.

Several sectors are represented at the CSEPR Job Fair this year including, among others, manufacturing, construction, sales, services, education, health care and government. As for positions available, they are diversified and include recruiting of correctional agents, police officers, nurses, personal support workers, teachers, caseworkers and specialized and early childhood educators. On the professional level, positions include administrative assistants, salespersons, customer service representatives, controllers, supervisors and team leaders. Obviously, specialized trades are also needed with the saerch for different types of mechanics (millwrights, maintenance, heavy equipment, etc.), electromechanical engineers, machinists, welders, industrial and maintenance mechanical engineers, and others. Broader positions include clerks and general workers, machine operators, as well as laborers.

All jobs offered at the CSEPR Job Fair can be seen on the employer cards located on the fair's website at csepr.ca/foire-emploi. Simply click on the employer logo to see a brief description of the company including the positions offered. The event will be held March 18 at École secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury (ÉSCRH) and March 25 at the River Rock Inn in Rockland, from 10 AM to 3 PM at both locations. All visitors are admitted free of charge.



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